IPL™ Photofacial

An IPL photofacial, which uses innovative Intense Pulsed Lighting (IPL) laser technology, is among the most effective new weapons in the anti-aging and skin care arsenals of a modern medspa.

At Bella Aesthetica MedSpa & Wellness Center, our experienced, Registered Nurses and Physicians use IPL photofacials – also known as fotofacials – to treat the effects of sun damage, hyperpigmentation, facial vascular redness, enlarged pores and rosacea, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

IPL photofacials can also be used to treat general cosmetic symptoms of aging, or to transform blotchy problem skin into a radiant complexion.

IPL photofacials work by using a hand-held device to target a broad spectrum of intense light to the lower layers of the epidermis, causing the skin to produce new collagen and connective tissue, which improve the tone and texture of the upper layers and the overall complexion.

A treatment lasts no more than 30 minutes and side effects such as redness or swelling are minimal for most clients.

Clients typically describe the sensation as that of a small rubber band being snapped against the face. Topical anesthetics are not required, but can be offered for clients concerned about low levels of discomfort.

Most clients require a series of 5-8 treatments, at intervals of about every three weeks, for optimum results.

For most clients, the beneficial cosmetic effects are both immediate and enduring. After just one session, your skin will look radiant, youthful, and feel smoother, with a more even skin tone.

Over time, IPL photofacials can dramatically improve conditions such as sunspots or rosacea, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.