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Important Updates!

Hello Everyone,

Dads work hard all year long to protect and keep us safe. From riding bikes to driving cars, from flying kites to walking the dogs, they teach us and make memories that last forever. Give them the gift they deserve. Let us refresh and rejuvenate the men in your life so they are ready for the celebration ahead.

Happy June and Happy Father’s Day!

Best Wishes,

The Bella Team

Essential Beauty Tip

Essential Beauty Tips

3 Common Skincare Mistakes Men Make (and How to Fix!)

  1. Not post-workout cleansing.

Problem: Sweat Creating a Warm, Moist Environment

Triggers for acne breakout are dependent on your particular skin type, activity level, exposure, and climate, which can create an environment for unwanted bacteria to proliferate.

One misconception: exercise and sweating don’t cause acne because the eccrine glands that produce sweat do not trigger an increase in the production of oil (from sebaceous glands) that contribute to breakouts.

Solution: Quick Rinse After Exercise

A warm, moist environment (such as the one found on a sweaty back or face after exercising) is an ideal environment for bacteria to proliferate, contributing to inflammatory acne.

We advise taking a quick rinse after exercise, and changing out of sweaty workout clothing. Keep in mind that cleansing wipes tend to irritate hot, sweaty skin, so I don’t typically advise using those post-workout.

  1. Using irritating hair products.

Problem: Hair Products Irritating Skin

Hair products can make you break out or irritate skin by 1) increasing a tendency to clogged pores in some skin types, and 2) by inducing inflammation in the skin, which can induce acne breakout.

Hair care products are not tested for comedogenicity (whether or not they block pores), as they are not designed to be applied onto facial skin, but they often contain alcohol which can be irritating to the skin.

Solution: Experiment with New Hair Products

Stop use of any product that you suspect might be contributing to irritation or breakouts. If you suspect a product, try going without or changing products for a day or two to see if that helps. Also change your pillowcase as hair product often accumulates there.

  1. Not changing your pillowcase.

Problem: Leaving Your Pillowcase on too Long

Local factors may influence the development of acne breakouts. These factors may include cradling your phone, sleeping with your cheek on your hand, touching your face often—anything that involves increased perspiration/moisture and friction/occlusion may increase the risk of breakouts.

Solution: Change Your Pillowcase Weekly

Changing your pillowcase can lead to a decreased risk of breakouts and fostering of bacteria, so I would recommend doing so at least once a week—more often if you perspire lots.

Every other day works for some people who flip their pillows, and some patients put a clean white T-shirt over their pillows every night.


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