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Quick Updates

Hello everyone,

As we enter the month of July, we are excited to announce that Bella will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary event! The event will be held on Saturday, August 4th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Those of you who attended our anniversary event last year know this is not a day to miss! We will offer special pricing on almost all treatments/services/products. Our Founder and Medical Director, Ruben Ruiz, M.D. will speak about our new life-changing program Wildfit. Our providers perform live treatment demonstrations, and we will again be raffling some amazing treatments and products. Yummy refreshments will be provided as well, so save the date!

We would also like to introduce our newest provider at Bella, Holly Garduno RN. Holly has been a Registered Nurse for over 6 years and we are delighted she is now a member of our Bella Beauty team.

Happy July!

The Bella Team

Essential Beauty Tips

Chemical Peels and IPL treatments during the summer:

– It is a misconception that one must STOP treatments that improve skin tone or treat hyperpigmentation during the summer months. Photofacials (IPL) and chemical peels can still be done during these months, so long as you prevent any unprotected sun exposure at least one -week before or after having the service. The truth is, we live in an environment where the sun shines all year around, we just tend to spend more time outdoors during this time. So as long as you’re using a minimum SPF of 30 and reapplying, we can plan your treatment around your outdoor activities. Laser hair removal is also safe to continue, as well as hydroquinone and retinoid products.

– Have a busy summer full of trips and outdoor activities? You may want to opt for a treatment that is not as light-sensitizing as those listed above. Microneedling/Vampire facials are a great alternative treatment to help with skin tone, texture, anti-aging, and we do not have to be as cautious about our sun exposure. These treatments also happen to be on special this month!

– If you have any questions regarding treatments during the summer, please consult with one of our providers.


Green Tea Peel

Facial Peel that improves and smoothes the complexion. Aids in lightening and brightening skin as it exfoliates

$65 (regularly $85)

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Microneedling with or without PRP

Improve wrinkles, minimize pore size and induce skin tightening. Stimulate collagen production which promotes rejuvenation. Improve surgical, traumatic, burn and acne scars.

$50 off

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Laser Hair Removal Medium Area

Keep calm and Laser your hair away!!

$375 per 6 sessions (regularly $750)

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The best wrinkle is the one you’ll never get

$3.50 per unit (regularly $4)

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Ultimate Rejuvenating Facial

This facial is designed for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin. Skin that is dull-looking usually has a build-up of dead skin cells and clogged pores. This revitalizing facial includes a deep exfoliation of skin layering to remove build-up of dead skin cells. First steam is used with a scrub and a Salicylic Prep Medical Grade Chemical Peel is applied to cleanse the skin. A Glycolic Medical Grade Peel is applied to penetrate the skin. This facial has no down time and can be completed on your lunch break to leave your skin with a radiant glow.

$85 (regularly $125)

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